Hi Savitri,


Suresh and a colleague arrived exactly on time to look at the problem with my Holden Cruze and ran all the checks on the Aircon system which indicated there was not a problem with the gas, and in fact they had the system working faultlessly within a few minutes.


Suresh was not sure why we had experienced the problem which resulted in our calling you in as in his opinion the system was actually ok and then informed me there would therefore be no charge which was a really pleasant surprise.


I have to say the timeliness, cordiality and presentation of both Suresh and his colleague was 1st class and I will definitely be recommending your company to any of my friends and family who need this type of service and of course any future problems with the Cruze aircon system  will come your way but of course I will expect to be charged.

Thanks again, please feel free to use this endorsement of your company and personnel if you wish to do so.


Warm regards



Roger Gauntlett

17C Walmsley Road

St Heliers

Auckland 1071

Cell: 64 021 0292 4443

Email: rogergauntlett1942@gmail.com